Shipping company from UAE to Qatar

Shipping from the UAE to Qatar Qatar is an important trade market in the Gulf countries, as it imports many food products, consumer goods, industrial materials, building materials, and cars. Certainly, working with a shipping company in the Emirates is reliable and has a long history, as it provides the customer and importer with effective, comfortable results and ease in the shipping process from Dubai and the UAE to Qatar. Continuing through the years, HomeSafe has introduced

Shipping and Logistics Services offers its various services in shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all regions of the United Arab Emirates to Qatar. In the shipping process from the Emirates to Qatar and Doha, our services include organizing and managing the process in cooperation with the customer in all its steps, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and in the correct manner. Speed, competitiveness, knowledge, development, safety of shipments and other constant criteria for us in every shipment to and from Qatar. So you do not have to worry about your shipments, whatever their type or size, as we will definitely deliver them correctly to you wherever you are in Qatar.

Shipping methods from the UAE to Qatar
Land freight from Dubai to Qatar
We always strive in freight services to be at the best of our customers’ expectations and to provide them with appropriate logistical solutions in land freight and customs clearance with professionalism and professionalism around the clock. Therefore, in Al Fares, we have provided a diverse fleet of trucks of different sizes (3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons, and 25 tons), which are used daily in transporting various shipments across the borders between the UAE and Qatar, in addition to refrigerated transport trucks and for car and surface carriers. And heavy load trucks (LOPD) of up to 85 tons.

Sea freight from Dubai to Doha | Qatar:

“Our shipping company provides shipping service to the port of Doha in Qatar for goods, cars and personal shipments, by using shipping line ships and containers for all types of shipments according to a regular schedule. Containers of various sizes are available for dry freight and refrigerated freight, including transportation of foodstuffs, fixtures and furniture, large projects, industrial machinery, boats, heavy machinery, cars and more.”

Air freight from Dubai to Qatar:
Air freight service to its customers at competitive prices from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to Doha, through an experienced and skilled team in managing air freight operations, whether through Dubai or through re-export from free zones in the Emirates. Al-Fares prepares all the documents necessary for the shipping and customs clearance process in Qatar, and follows up the shipment from the moment it is received and transferred to the airport, until its arrival in Doha.

Benefits and advantages of shipping from the UAE to Qatar through our shipping services company:
Al Fares Cargo is characterized by experience and flexibility in the field of freight, and provides the necessary advice and advice before transporting goods until their arrival in Qatar.
Experience in preparing the required permits and documents required for shipment to complete customs.
Provides professional service for transporting cars and motorcycles from the UAE to Qatar.
Al Fares provides temporary warehousing service in Dubai.
The company is characterized by the ability to transport and transport all types of goods, regardless of their completeness or fragmentation, in addition to its ability to transport huge projects and facilities with heavy weights.
Special services are available to move furniture from Dubai and UAE to Qatar.
The given phrase says: “A special service is available for transporting sports and luxury cars from the Emirates to Qatar via a closed or open roof.”
Provides professional services in shipping boats and yachts from the Emirates to Qatar.
Providing comprehensive freight services from Abu Dhabi to Qatar and the capital, Doha.
Flexibility in transporting goods by sea, re-exporting and shipping them through free zones.
Advanced experience in the transportation of sea containers, including normal, reefer and open containers, to the city of Doha.
Special contracts are available for companies and factories to transport commercial goods from the UAE to Qatar.
It provides land freight services from Qatar to the Emirates.
Cargo consolidation service in Dubai before shipment.
Our company provides express service for shipping postal parcels.
Door-to-door shipping service is provided (depending on the type of shipment).
Cargo insurance service as desired by the customer
We offer freight transportation services for exhibitions and events from the UAE to Qatar and vice versa.
Packaging services are provided for all types of shipments, including regular, sensitive and dangerous shipments.
At Home Safe, we always strive to provide the best solutions in the field of shipping, transportation, customs clearance, packaging and storage operations, preparing the necessary documents for shipping and export, and providing insurance services for shipments, within the framework of competitive cost. If you would like more information about shipping services from the Emirates to Qatar and Doha, do not hesitate to contact us or send your request through our website, as we will respond to all requests for shipping rates directly, and our helpful staff are ready to provide assistance and advice.

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