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It is one of the services provided by our company and requested by people on an ongoing basis, because of the importance of the service of transferring luggage from your home to any place you want.Our dear customer, you should also initiate like them if you want to transfer the luggage from any place to another, and we not only call you alone, but all those who want to transfer luggage from. We are delighted to be part of the success of any organization and to share its happy moments in moving to a place that is wider.

At first, our dear customer If you want to move to any place you’ll need to make sure of the company you deal with and apply for a license to move the luggage, it may be a scamming company whose goal is to make money and fraud besides damaging your home furniture. So be careful dear customer and not to rush into such matters.

Features and services of Jeddah Transport Company, which ensures the safe arrival of your luggage from your home to the place you want:

It possesses the most skilled and specialized labor in order to transform your home goods, use their advanced equipment in order to dedicate their work besides providing them with advanced technologies that are now the basis of any business in the world.

Workers and technicians do the necessary work to transform the luggage in a safe and correct way, cause they’re theoretical and practical trainers to deal with each piece of furniture in order to ensure its safety.

We have covered cars and a crane equipped in order to transform the luggage to the place you ordered and our cars from the latest cars and we have all the transport vehicles, jumbo and trail, just select what you want to say, send the right cars to your needs.

My dear customer don’t noise your friends and neighbors in this work, they have no experience and don’t take it easy to do such work in order to save money because this will be offset by spending a lot of money on moving your home, which deteriorates when you move, don’t be reckless to do this.

Just contact us and our representative will reach you wherever you are.

Luggage transforming steps:

Dismantling: Your house’s luggage is dismantled by our specialized workers who are trained to do so. They disassemble your furniture carefully without injuring it in a standard time with great accuracy and distinguish each piece by marking the location of this piece before the dismantling so that workers managed to the proper installation, Don’t be afraid, as our workers are trained at the highest level and then put the luggage in a corner so that other workers don’t stumble while doing their work until packaging the luggage and put it in special and suitable boxes for transport.

Packaging: After the step of dismantling the baggage and the importance of this step that works to keep the baggage from any objection, may happen to him unintentionally, but in the case of any unintentional error will be our company is responsible for any error occurs, do not worry about any error occurs, just be optimistic and we will provide you with the best. Workers resort to the use of marks to assemble the luggage quickly, in a specific time, accurately and diligently.

Transferring : The transfer of the baggage in a dedicated cartons in order to maintain and make the piece of furniture in a regular form, so easy for the holder of the piece to move, and we have all you want from the sizes of the cartons Do not worry whatever the size of your home transporters do not carry them.

Winch transfer service that we use in the case of moving your house upstairs, workers can not move it because doing so exhausts them, we are afraid of them to hit any aversive, we use this service if there is a narrow ladder or if there is a space in front of the house to stand winch and don’t worry,The work will be done in a recorded time effortlessly, and every worker is working hard without causing any kind of inconvenience to your neighbors.

Installation: The last step in the transfer of the luggage workers carefully carry the luggage from the transport vehicles and moved to the house very carefully and then dismantle the cartons that are inside the luggage and the material around it laminated, and the luggage is taken out properly and assembled the way it was before as we mentioned. And put signs on luggage in the process of transferring, they do this to make it easy for them to instal the luggage when they reach, and they help you transfer the luggage, and put it where you prefer.

HomeSafe for Transferring of luggage in Jeddah

Transferring of luggage in Jeddah is one of the important points that should be taken into consideration while thinking about moving from one place to another, and it is our pleasure to offer you dear customer services in the field of luggage transport in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, let us offer you some of our advantages as you don’t have to be upset towards your things while we care about the little things before the most important things.

Any company that doesn’t pay attention to the fundamentals, factors and conditions, which is a major reason for its success, especially in the field of luggage transport,doesn’t make any progress.

And the transferring luggage process is the presence of specialized workers and skilled technicians trained in the use of modern equipment, and technology that helps them to complete their work in a recorded time and accurately.

Advantages of Jeddah transferring company – HomeSafe:

1 – Jeddah transferring company services a lot of shops and major factories and doesn’t depend on individuals services only.

2- The prices of the company are suitable, accessible to all and not overstated.

3 – We have a group of work team trained at the highest level of experience and efficiency in addition to the company is working to provide a great effort in the transport of luggage and put in cars, it keeps the luggage from the occurrence of any scratches or damage.

4 – We have stores in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to store luggage, until the completion of your arrangements our dear customers, these stores are designed under the supervision of specialists to protect your property from exposure to external factors affecting the luggage.

5 – The company is moving any luggage, whatever the size and weight as the company is working with large campaigns for transporting the luggage, which helps in making the process of transporting easily and protect it from any break our company development goal.

6 – The company has a lot of cars to move the furniture to any place, without stress or effort. You have everything you need in order to move your luggage.

7-Winches, which work to move furniture of any weight, they work efficiently, but depending on the area where the winch stands, and the narrow ladder It provides workers all the comfort not to strain to climb to the upper floors where it is difficult to download, which may The baggage shall be subjected to any damage or damage.

8- Workers shall move the luggage pieces on the basis of the well-planned plans to transfer the luggage well and correctly.

9-We have covered cars working to transfer the deposits of books and antiques in order to maintain it.

10 – We transfer all types of luggage from hospitals, offices, libraries and schools quickly and accurately.

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