International Moving

International Moving

HomeSafe for International Furniture Moving


Home safe company provides transferring luggage and furniture from Saudi Arabia to number of Arabic and foreign countries
Available countries : United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey

homeSafe Company for International Moving

We understand your frustration when your move is due and nothing is going as you planned earlier. To solve your various unexpected moving challenges, we extend our moving services in Saudi Arabia with a confidence that you won’t find our solutions disappointing. Km Relocation works with certain values that make our services trusted, reliable and flawless.

Whether you need to carry few items to your new apartment or a plethora of furniture to be moved, we work in a systematic manner to ensure everything goes smoothly. In other words, we make your moving plans successful with our experienced moving crew whenever you need a reliable service provider in town.

The advantages of Home Safe company:

  1. You can order any of our services at any time by calling or sending an email as we’re available seven days a week. You can talk with the customer service of home Safe company about offers and discounts, and talk about the details of how to send a representative to the furniture place to inspect the size and specify the best way to transfer it.
  2. The representative arrives to the client to discuss the best way to use transport and the used type of technologies, and how long it will take to arrange the luggage, packaging, transport and distance to the new place, and then discuss the costs of all these services.
  3. The company has several groups of employees in different fields that needed in Home safe company.
    As the customer service who answers the customer about all his questions abouttransferring luggage, the presentative who arrived to the customer to know the volume of the luggage and discuss all others details.

Engineers and Carpenters who dismantle and install the luggage.
The technical engineers who using the electric devices. Workers who are trained to carry heavy weights and packing the luggage.

  • The company has a specialized maintenance team who can deal with any damages that may occur to the luggage during transferring and the company afford all loses.
  • The company is so popular and the main reason for this is using new technologies. As the company experts travel all over the world to know all the new techniques that used in transferring luggage safely. And this new techniques help in making the processes of transferring furniture easy by using the hydraulic winches, which is the newest devices, and electric ladders .
  • Home Safe company presents many conferences to spread the company’s main target to the workers and new customers all over Saudi Arabia cities. And it also announces a lot of offers and discounts that attract a lot of customers by presenting a lot of information about the company works and the way they transfer the luggage. And it also uses a lot of motivational ways that the employees and workers need in the company.
  • Using electric winches up to the high floors in moving luggage to high areas, without needing to use the stairs or exposing the furniture to scratches or breakage as a result, and this method requires a great effort of workers in carrying the luggage.


International Luggage Transferring Service:

Home Safe company is one of the best transferring companies in Saudi Arabia, as a result of the spirit of cooperation in the company, in addition to the use of modern techniques and means to transport the luggage.

As the process of transferring luggage requires a number of organized steps, including dismantling, installation, packaging and transporting, which many companies don’t care about, but with Home Safe company the workers are trained to use the best international products in packaging the luggage in the right way such as antiques, Najaf and other large pieces .

You don’t need to worry that your luggage will go missing in transit, as we offer routes all over the world, sending to and from Lebanon, Bahrain, Morocco, UAE, Turkey and Jordan.

And also you can negotiate with Home Safe company on the prices allocated for the transfer, depending on the number of services requested by the customer, and therefore the price will be suitable for all customers.


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