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HomeSafe Transferring luggage company in Riyadh

There are several sorts of luggage transferring companies in Riyadh, one sort of them is using new technologies and newest ways, and the other sort is using traditional ways.

But Home Safe company is relying on new technologies from the European countries to transfer luggage in a safe way.

Transferring luggage company in Riyadh

Home Safe company attracts a lot of customers all over Riyadh to deal with it. And that because of the high quality and the big knowledge and experience in the transferring luggage field.

Most people need to move from an old place to a new place because of the speedy work flow and continuous search for a suitable place. Also the long thinking in a suitable place from the side of the abilities and personal needs, he forgets the step of transferring luggage to the new place and this step is no less important than choosing a new place.

There’s someone who relies on his friends to transfer his luggage but this is a risk to rely on people who aren’t qualified or trained for the luggage transferring steps. So that Home safe company should be sure that all the steps is correct using new technologies and ways in transferring luggage as the experts get new technologies and devices from big countries and train the workers and employees to deal with each piece of furniture.

Home safe company in Riyadh do all arrangements by the customer’s agreement by sending representatives to see the luggage and to know where the new place and set the starting time for the transferring process then finishing it by the luggage arrival to the new place. He also discuss costs, offers and services that the customer order and accept.

Riyadh transferring luggage steps:

1- Dismantling:

This is a first step in transferring luggage after making a deal with the customer.

The workers arrive to the place where they’ll work, and this step needs trained workers to deal with several forms of furniture. As there are electric devices, living rooms, books and bedrooms that needs specialized workers.

Expensive antiques, curtains and kitchen equipment that need special treat.

2- packaging:

This step keeps the luggage safe from dust or dirt. And it’s also protect the luggage from breakage or scratches during moving the luggage to the cars.

Home Safe company uses specific raw materials in packaging like cork and nylon.

Each piece of furniture needs a specific way to package that keep it safe especially antiques and glass. In addition to using a group of wood boxes with different size to put the luggage in. As this increases the protection of the furniture as well as they make sure of not forgetting something in the place.

3- Transporting:

Home safe company is trying to stay away from the traditional ways in carrying the luggage that using tight ladders that may get the luggage scratched or broken and it also gets workers stressed and losing more efforts in addition to losing a lot of time that delaying the delivery date of luggage. But with using the newest devices of winches and electric cranes makes it easy and safe to transfer furniture. It is just need a qualified driver who has experience of dealing with these devices in addition to the workers who carry the luggage from the winches to the ground.

4- checking:

After moving the luggage to the cars, the workers make sure that all the boxes and pieces were moved. And the used cars are specialized to transfer luggage, going long distances and carrying heavy weights.

5- unpacking:

The cars arrive to the new place and the company’s representative makes sure that all boxes were moved by the workers.

The workers wait the customer instructions to install the luggage again.

Home safe company presents a new service which is cleaning the new place with additional costs.

Manners and techniques of home safe company:

Home safe company takes care of all the steps required to transfer luggage starting from dismantling, packaging and installation.

Advantages of Jeddah transferring company – HomeSafe:

1 – Jeddah transferring company services a lot of shops and major factories and doesn’t depend on individuals services only.

2- The prices of the company are suitable, accessible to all and not overstated.

3 – We have a group of work team trained at the highest level of experience and efficiency in addition to the company is working to provide a great effort in the transport of luggage and put in cars, it keeps the luggage from the occurrence of any scratches or damage.

4 – We have stores in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to store luggage, until the completion of your arrangements our dear customers, these stores are designed under the supervision of specialists to protect your property from exposure to external factors affecting the luggage.

5 – The company is moving any luggage, whatever the size and weight as the company is working with large campaigns for transporting the luggage, which helps in making the process of transporting easily and protect it from any break our company development goal.

6 – The company has a lot of cars to move the furniture to any place, without stress or effort. You have everything you need in order to move your luggage.

7-Winches, which work to move furniture of any weight, they work efficiently, but depending on the area where the winch stands, and the narrow ladder It provides workers all the comfort not to strain to climb to the upper floors where it is difficult to download, which may The baggage shall be subjected to any damage or damage.

8- Workers shall move the luggage pieces on the basis of the well-planned plans to transfer the luggage well and correctly.

9-We have covered cars working to transfer the deposits of books and antiques in order to maintain it.

10 – We transfer all types of luggage from hospitals, offices, libraries and schools quickly and accurately.

Riyadh transferring luggage HomeSafe company advantages:

The company has several groups of employees in different fields that needed in Home safe company. As the customer service who answers the customer and answering all his questions about transferring luggage, the prison tattoos who arrived to the customer to know the volume of the luggage and discuss all others details.

Engineers and Carpenters who dismantle and install the luggage and the technical engineers so using the electric devices. Workers who are trained to carry heavy weights and packing the luggage.

And the company has specialized maintenance team who deal with any damages that may occur to the luggage during the transferring or moving and the company afford all losers.

Home safe company presents many conferences to spread the company’s main target to workers and new customers all over strips and it presents a lot of offers and discounts that attract a lot of customers with presenting a lot of information about the company works and the way they transfer the luggage and it also spread a lot of motivational ways that the employees and workers need in the company.

The company sends representatives to negotiate with the customer about the suitable price to the transferring luggage process which is connected to a group of factors most important is the furniture volume, techniques and manners that used to transfer the furniture in addition to the offers and additional services that the customer may need to assure about the luggage transferring mission.


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