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Home Safe Company for international luggage transport services in Jeddah and to most Arab countries

Available Arab countries: UAE – Morocco – Bahrain – Jordan – Quebec – Lebanon

International luggage shipping company in Jeddah
Home Safe, there are many furniture moving companies in Jeddah, but the most important of them is Home Safe, which uses all modern technologies and always seeks to satisfy the customer and ensure that the furniture reaches the desired place safely and securely.

Home Safe International Shipping Company
Moving a person from one place to another is one of the most important steps he takes in his life, as it is not just a stage and ends and returns again, but may be moving permanently in order to work or live in another place, and here the individual faces moral problems such as leaving close people who You get used to them in their old place and go to a new place that nothing is known about, in addition to the process of moving the furniture and the contents of the old house to the new place, not only, but also needs to arrange the luggage, organize the house, clean it and reinstall all the pieces until it comes back like new, here Home Safe Company Furniture moving company in Jeddah to help the customer get rid of the anxiety of moving furniture.

The customer agrees on a specific date for moving furniture with the representative of the Home Safe company, the type of techniques and method used in moving the luggage, and an agreement is made on a specific price that suits the customer and the company. obtained, in order to reassure the customer about the process of moving the luggage in Jeddah, and the arrival of the luggage to the new place safely, and the representative also shows that the company is responsible for all material losses that the luggage may suffer on the road or when downloading and loading it.

International transfer of luggage (UAE – Kuwait – Bahrain – Jordan – Morocco – Lebanon – Oman)
Home Safe is one of the few companies specialized in shipping international luggage and provides its customers with all modern technologies to transport luggage to any country safely without any damage to the luggage. We are distinguished by providing a dedicated team to transport luggage in addition to equipped cars

The first steps before moving the luggage
When our dear customer wants to move your home furniture to any place you want, you should look for the company that does this work in a way that guarantees you reassurance and comfort on your property.

There are multiple companies in this field, but you should contact the company that takes care of your holdings.
Our company has skilled workers trained in all matters related to the transportation of luggage, and how to deal with it from unpacking, packaging and transportation, and we have cars with advanced models of different sizes, and skilled drivers work on them who master the art of driving in the pasture of difficult road conditions to reduce damage to your possessions.

There are some data that must be obtained from the customer, which entails taking measures to move the luggage, such as knowing the number of floors in the residence in which the customer resides, the space available in front of the residence to determine the possibility of disembarking the luggage in a safe manner, as well as knowing the number of balconies overlooking the main streets, And through which the cranes can be used to get out and enter the wooden pieces.

We prepare the first steps to be followed after our arrival to you as a solid plan to preserve your belongings, and reduce damaged ones, which are:
The carpenters dismantling the wooden rooms, arranging and numbering the pieces, and keeping any pieces and iron nails used in the installation in bags so that they are easy to find, and re-installing again easily.
Assembling glass objects, antiques, china, chandeliers, lampshades and tableaus with plastic slides with air bubbles designated for this purpose, and arranging these pieces in a strong carton, closing well and writing their components outside to take into account the holder because of the breakable tools they contain.
Collecting clothes and furnishings in bags that protect them from damage.
Carefully disassemble the kitchen pieces after emptying their contents, and unplug electrical appliances sufficient time before packing them.
Remove curtains and adaptations in a safe manner.
Ensure that the movables are free of any defects, and clean them before packaging.
Features of Home Safe International Baggage Shipping Company in Jeddah
Our company is distinguished by providing everything it has in order to achieve your satisfaction, our dear customer, as we know the time factor is important to you, and from here we have a great responsibility to work on moving the luggage as soon as possible, and without causing any damage, which makes the company use sufficient labor, and cars necessary to meet the need for work, and at the same time provide the service at a price commensurate with everyone, and in order to be distinguished with you from any companies that cost the customer other expenses not agreed upon. And among these features that we seek to achieve, is to provide all the needs, materials, means of transportation, packaging and storage with the latest used and developed methods that keep pace with the times.

We have huge cranes to carry luggage from the upper floors, which are difficult to transport through elevators, and which ensure safe downloading and safe lifting of all devices and luggage. The company is keen on continuous maintenance of this equipment, and moving away from traditional methods so as not to cause damage to your possessions. The company owns the greatest fleet of advanced cars at the highest level And in all sizes that suit the size of your luggage, there is a type of cushioned car that absorbs shocks, especially the presence of cartons that contain glass tools and electrical devices, and they are equipped with all safety means that allow the transfer of luggage to anywhere, and the company has skilled drivers who enjoy discipline, intelligence and good behavior And trained at the highest level in how to deal with remote areas and unpaved roads, in addition to dealing with workers trained on all modern and advanced methods of dismantling, packing, cleaning and installing luggage, and the company includes

It does not cause any damage to your holdings, dear customer, and offers reasonable prices within everyone’s reach for the performance of the service.

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