Furniture shipping company from Muscat to Jeddah

One of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of shipping to the Sultanate of Oman, as it provides you with shipping services for all types of luggage and personal effects, in addition to goods, devices and equipment for public and private companies and factories. HomeSafe offers many distinguished services such as unpacking, packaging and shipping of furniture, goods and all products. It performs customs clearance and all necessary procedures for shipping from Jeddah to Amman. We are committed to maintaining quality shipping packaging until it is delivered to the desired location. Just contact us via phone numbers or via our website.

Furniture shipping company from Muscat to Jeddah
One of the best shipping companies from Jeddah to Amman, as it provides you with safe shipping service for all types of goods, luggage and products that you wish to ship. The company is characterized by the availability of a fleet of fully equipped cars to ensure the speed and safety of the shipping process.

Some customers may want to consider the task of shipping complicated, but the company that specializes in shipping furniture and international goods from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman is really different. The company has transported furniture and shipped goods across borders for more than ten years, and this is what made it distinguished and excelled by its skill and accuracy in this field.

For this reason, our shipping process is simple and easy, as the company relies on the best trained workers in unpacking and packing furniture and electrical appliances and organizing them in the company’s cars specifically, to ensure that no damage or breakage occurs. In addition, we provide guarantee to customers regarding the safety of the shipment.

A furniture moving company that transports furniture from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman.
Our company is keen to provide all the necessary packaging materials to ensure the safety of the movable items and the completion of the furniture transportation process in a safe and harmless manner. And since each type of furniture has distinct packaging methods and tools, a shipping company from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman seeks to provide the best premium materials for packaging that are suitable for electronic devices and electrical appliances, and puts them in strong, tightly closed carton boxes.

Carton was used to wrap wooden furniture to protect it from damage during transportation and shipping.

Cork is used in glass furniture and kitchen utensils, with attention to organizing and arranging pieces and numbering them on carton boxes from the outside to facilitate identification of the content when they are carried by workers in freight cars to ensure their safety.

Our company is distinguished by the availability of a diverse fleet of cars of different sizes and specifications suitable for transporting and shipping all types of residential and office furniture, as well as hotel, restaurant and cafe supplies in a professional manner, taking into account all quality and professional conditions, at the lowest price available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How to ship luggage from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman.
The step of dismantling furniture: It is considered one of the most important steps that our company takes by using the best technicians and workers specialized in dismantling air conditioners, electrical appliances, and furniture made of wood of all kinds. Then comes the next step, which is packaging, which is carried out by the same team responsible for the unpacking process to ensure that no damage occurs to the furniture. This is done by using high-quality packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and thick bags to prevent breakage or scratching of the furniture.

The step of moving furniture by equipped cars: This step consists of moving furniture from home and arranging it in cars that transport it to the Sultanate of Oman from Jeddah. A team from the shipping company in Jeddah loads the furniture with accuracy and high efficiency. We may sometimes use electric hoists to safely lower furniture if stairs are narrow or floors are high. Then the workers arrange all the furniture in the cars and fix them well from the inside in a certain way to prevent movement during the transportation process on the roads and collision while driving.

There is a list of the best shipping companies from Jeddah to Oman.
You can contact us and it is the best in the field of shipping goods from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman. The company provides easy and convenient transportation services for goods, products and furniture, allowing you to move your belongings without any worries. The company provides a guarantee certificate to customers in every agreement it concludes until the items arrive safely.

To communicate with the company, you can contact us via the numbers on the site, by e-mail, or through our website. The customer service team will respond to you immediately and answer all your inquiries related to the services you require, whether it is luggage transfer services, packaging and delivery, or shipping goods from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman.

Our company offers the best shipping companies from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman with the highest level of efficiency and safety at reasonable prices for all furniture and goods transportation services. You can find it here exclusively because we have all the resources that qualify us to provide all services, including skilled labor, adoption of advanced technology, and a customer service team. Specialized customer support.

Home Safe Company works in the field of transportation, shipping, dismantling and installing luggage.
We have very skilled carpentry artists to provide services for dismantling all types of furniture, whether it is bedrooms, kitchens, wooden salons or others.

We also have a team of experts specialized in opening doors, windows, cabinets and all the devices that the customer may need.

Furniture of all kinds is properly installed, in addition to providing boxes for collecting valuables and packing them properly to prevent any damage that could happen to them.

The service aims to clean and polish the furniture after removing it, installing it, and placing it in its new location, so that it returns to its new condition again.

We are experts in dismantling and installing all electrical appliances, including air conditioners, stoves, and other purposes.

Below we have a maintenance service that includes the best technicians to help you repair and clean all types of air conditioners, in addition to charging gas to ensure its optimal performance.

Al-Rahwan Luggage Cargo Company is characterized by several aspects.
Our company, which specializes in shipping goods from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman, is distinguished by providing all m

A is required to satisfy our dear customers. We understand the importance of time for you, and therefore we take great responsibility in moving the furniture and goods in a short period of time without causing any damage to the movable property. This makes us the best in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the vehicles required to meet business needs, we work hard to provide services at affordable prices to all, with the aim of being ahead of other shipping companies from Jeddah to Oman. We strive to gain the trust of our customers, because we only care about their comfort and satisfaction, and because we are known for our credibility and honesty at work. One of the advantages that we strive to achieve is to provide all customer requirements of transportation, packaging and storage materials with the latest methods and plans that we follow to keep pace with the times.

We have huge lifts to move the items from the upper floor, where it is difficult to go down the stairs, ensuring the safety of your personal belongings, including all appliances and furniture.

Therefore, it is concerned with maintaining periodic maintenance of all equipment and getting rid of traditional methods, with the aim of not disrupting work or causing damage to customers, in addition to our owning a fleet of modern cars equipped with the highest levels of international standards.

Documents required to ship goods from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman.
When we are aware of all the details related to the transportation, packaging and shipping of furniture and all devices and goods for customers, we will be able to provide the necessary papers and documents clearance service for moving furniture and collectibles from Jeddah to Amman.

This will be done by authorizing the notary in Jeddah, if the baggage is transferred to Al-Rahwan Company to carry out the customs formalities on your behalf. Once you contact us, you will receive the required data from the Jordanian embassy in Jeddah and a customs exemption certificate.

The required documents are prepared here, including (a copy of the first and second pages of the customer’s passport, a copy of the residence card, a copy of the ID, a copy of the authorization and a copy of the declaration containing all properties and types).

This is not a fake service, but we actually offer to extract a customs exemption statement from the Jordanian embassy in Jeddah, and this includes all items and furniture carried from Jeddah to Jordan.

It requires that the ambassador sign and stamp his signature to ensure the credibility of the document, but it must be noted that this exemption includes only furniture and personal belongings of the customer and does not include traffic management fees, freight and unloading.

Shipping prices vary from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman.
I know, my dear, that the shipping company from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman is one of the best companies in this field at very competitive prices. Without our presence, we would not have been able to be one of the most prominent companies in delivering land shipments to Jordan. Your confidence in us prompts us to assume all responsibilities necessary to maintain the property, and to provide the best services at the best prices.

Of course, we cannot set a unified price for the service of moving and shipping luggage, products, and goods, due to the different prices based on the type, size, weight, and distance to which they are delivered. Therefore, the company sends a representative to examine the purposes and explore everything, and based on that, the price and services that will be provided to the customer are determined. Customers should know that the company provides the best offers on packaging service by up to 30%.
The process of packing furniture before moving it from Jeddah to the Sultanate of Oman includes several steps.

Determine the type of slipcover used to cover the furniture.
There are many types of raw materials used in packaging, and they vary according to the type, size and components of packaging.

The materials used include whether movables are furniture, office furniture, or something else using rolled cardboard, foam boards, sponge materials, compressed paper, and plastic bags.

All these materials are used to package different types of furniture pieces, and each piece of furniture depends on its own type.

We will pack and move all home furniture using customized materials, not all materials are suitable for all furniture.

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