Car shipping in Jeddah

Car shipping in Jeddah
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From the heart of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Home Safe Transport and Services Company offers you a reliable partner in all fields of shipping and export from the State of Qatar to all parts of the world.
Shipping and loading containers of all sizes.
Shipping of commercial, personal and household goods.
Shipping small and large vehicles.
The captain transports cars, buses, motorcycles and trucks in the best way. We also handle customs clearance at the port of departure.
Safe receipt and delivery of freight from the source address to the port of destination.
Our company is your logistics partner.
The Home Safe team consists of a group of trained and qualified employees dedicated to providing flexible and professional advice and assistance around the clock.
We are your way to inquire about the best means of transportation and customs systems, and we are pleased to be at your service in the event of any inquiries.


Car shipping in Jeddah
For international shipping services 🛳️✈️
We ship all kinds of goods to all over the world 🌍🌎🌏🌍
Services of an international freight company in Jeddah
The best international freight company in Jeddah provides many distinguished services for land, sea and air freight, with an emphasis on the safety of different types of parcels, and the speed in delivering them from door to door without the trouble of completing procedures and papers for different shipments, as the company takes over all clearance tasks in the fastest time.

The company provides all its services to companies, bodies, institutions, homes and all customers, as the company aims to gain the trust of customers of all categories by providing the best and highest quality services.

International shipping company in Jeddah
Marketing electronic services and shopping between countries has become a pleasure that cannot be ignored with the great development in international freight operations, and an international freight company in Jeddah is considered one of the most important leading companies in the field of international freight within the Kingdom, as the company provides many distinguished services by a group of experts and specialists in the field of freight of all kinds and customs clearance.

The best international freight company in Jeddah
An international freight company in Jeddah is one of the leading companies in the field of freight, as it has gained over the past years the trust of its customers in terms of credibility of dealing, speed of delivery and accuracy of performance, as the company provides a group of the most skilled experts and consultants specialized in customs clearance and the completion of shipping procedures safely and with high accuracy, while providing All the necessary guarantees for different shipments, receiving and delivering them from door to door.

Shipping services

Sea freight operations are one of the most important operations that an international shipping company in Jeddah provides to its distinguished customers, where different parcels and messages are transported through containers equipped and designated according to the type of shipment, where refrigerated and frozen containers are provided for food containers, which preserve the messages transported during the shipping period, which may reach months by sea, as the company takes care of delivering the shipment as it was received without any problems.

The company provides staff and labor specialized in completing all procedures related to containers inside customs and various ports without the customer bearing any additional burden, as the shipment is delivered in accordance with the contract with the customer and all contracted procedures are implemented with all safety, accuracy and high speed.

Air freight services

All services required for transportation from the city of Jeddah and its surrounding areas to be delivered to all countries of the world, where all types of packages are provided, equipped and insured with all means of insurance for delivery by equipped aircraft in the fastest time and at the lowest costs.

Also, through our distinguished work team in an international shipping company in Jeddah, all legal procedures are completed, customs clearance of papers, and parcels are registered by serial numbers, as they can be easily followed up by customers through customer service or the website.

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