International shipping of furniture in Jeddah

International shipping of furniture in Jeddah

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Moving furniture and furniture in Jeddah has been providing furniture and baggage moving services for many years. Its goal has always been to facilitate the transportation process for our customers in all governorates.

And providing an easy and simple furniture transfer service without any trouble or effort and at the lowest costs, due to its long experience in the field of furniture transportation that has lasted for many years.

Our company relied on the best and latest tools to move all kinds of furniture, only with Home Safe moving company in Saudi Arabia.

Your home and you are reassured while ensuring the safety of all furniture from door to door without any damage,

Home Safe Company guarantees you the safety of the arrival of all pieces of furniture without any damage and in record time

And at the lowest costs from today, there is no hassle in moving furniture, offices or even clinic equipment, there is no cracking, not even a scratch or injury in any piece of furniture


International shipping of furniture

Our company to move furniture in the Kingdom depends on a number of factors that will make the transfer process easier. The company has a team of skilled workers to move all pieces of furniture

And devices to and from cars as quickly and professionally without causing any damage to the luggage. The company uses a fleet of the latest transport vehicles that fit all types of furniture.

Lifting furniture with a winch to reduce losses and preserve furniture. The possibility of moving it up to the twenty-fifth floor.

The company to move furniture has a group of carpenters and specialized technicians to disassemble all furniture and electrical appliances and reinstall them again in the place of transport

To save customers’ time and effort and ensure the safety of installing all appliances, Home Safe Furniture and Luggage Company in Cairo

It also provides a furniture packaging service in Cairo, using the best materials to preserve all pieces of furniture from any damage caused by transportation.

International shipping of furniture in the Kingdom

International shipping of furniture in the Kingdom to transport and store furniture in a safe manner, as it preserves all the pieces, as those warehouses have been lined by the company to isolate them completely from moisture and dust until the furniture is placed in them and the company can be contacted to find out the costs,

But in the beginning, there is no fear, as our costs are at the level of everyone and suit all classes in society from the middle class to the high-income classes

We advise you when you make the decision to move your luggage and move you to another place to start with good coordination and follow the system that you will specify when moving your luggage, and it is preferable to start

Arranging your belongings, baggage and all household belongings long enough before the transfer process so that you can arrange all your belongings and arrange and unpack your luggage completely. We also advise preparing all the tools that you will need and will use when transporting.

Among these things are large and sturdy cartons and boxes to withstand the things that will be stored inside them, as well as bags of various sizes to arrange light things such as clothes and furniture, in addition to a large-sized and durable carton to be wrapped in the luggage,

As well as to wrap it around the luggage tightly to make sure it is well wrapped in order to preserve it against any damages and plastic folders that can save several things inside and you can keep the carpet inside to prevent dust from reaching it during transportation

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