International movers in Jeddah

International movers in Jeddah

International movers in Jeddah
v Are you looking for the best international shipping company for luggage and did not reach what you wanted?

v Do you want a guaranteed service that guarantees the safety of your furniture, quality and honesty is its motto?

v Are you looking for a company whose team is distinguished by its proficient work and great experience?

Dismantling and installing bedrooms / libraries / closets.
Transportation of goods for merchants.
Charging electrical appliances (refrigerator charging – TV charging – screen charging)
Car Shipping
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International shipping company for luggage
What distinguishes our team in moving furniture?
International shipping is one of the transfer of furniture and baggage, which is characterized by the team work well done and extensive experience.

We guarantee you the process of moving furniture with packaging, dismantling and installation, and we have strong workers who have sufficient experience and experts in dismantling and installation.

We provide the best trucks for transportation and packaging of all kinds that we will mention shortly, in addition to offering the best prices that suit everyone.

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International shipping company for luggage
We transport inside and outside the Kingdom with professional drivers and a team that has undergone previous training that qualifies them to carry out their work with high efficiency.

What are the ways we do in the process of moving luggage?
The transportation process begins with the examination of the furniture by an expert to choose the appropriate truck, and then the dismantling experts come to disassemble all the furniture by expert technical methods. You only need to inform the specialist of the following data: –

The address to transfer the luggage from.
The address to which the luggage is to be moved.
Quality of bedding or furniture.
The time required to move the luggage.
Based on the previous evidence, the specialized team will go to you, which consists of the following: –

Expert carpenter.
Bedroom and furniture installer.
Kitchen installer.
Workers for packaging and transportation.
Electrician and plumber if necessary.
If the furniture needs special methods of transportation, such as air conditioners and large, complex luggage in the jaw and installation with packaging, do not worry, the process will be done professionally, God willing.

Packaging Types:-
Every furniture needs special packaging. Let’s get to know each type and what suits it:

Ordinary packaging: It is a soft packaging used for a lot of furniture, yet more than one packaging is sometimes placed for each purpose in order to ensure greater protection.

Bubble wrap: It is a bubble wrap that protects glass, wood, and everything that is exposed to scratches.

Carton packaging: Carton packaging or paperboard is an excellent and very strong packaging used for valuables, clothes and books.

The packing can be double bubble and carton together so as to transport kitchen utensils and sensitive electronic devices.

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International shipping company for luggage
Providing special stores for temporary furniture storage services
We have many warehouses for storing furniture in an orderly manner for temporary periods, as in cases of travel and shipping back to the desired place. Transport is carried out inside fully closed cars, designed from the inside in a way that suits the furniture and allocate places to put glass, wood and electrical appliances after packaging.

Furniture and decoration installation stage
After moving the furniture to the truck, it is moved to the destination you want, and the team of drivers is distinguished, all of them are professional in driving and care about the safety of your furniture, and when you reach the destination point, the furniture is carried back to the place and reinstalled, so the work is complete and perfect, and not only that.

The team prepares the luggage according to the new place with an attractive decor in cooperation with the customer’s vision and provides advice based on the team’s experience in this field.

Thus, we guarantee a successful and complete transfer process with affordable rates, specialized teams and comfort.

Make sure you don’t have to worry, professionalism is our motto

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International shipping company for luggage
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